Downtown Baltimore Location

Unusual Art

Baltimore's galleries can provide a few unexpected experiences. The most unusual gallery in Baltimore is the American Visionary Art Museum, which exhibits some of the strangest works of art that you are ever likely to see. The museum is dedicated to the work of unconventional artists, particularly those who are untaught or whose art has been shaped by the experience of mental illness. The Walters Art Museum is a little more conventional, but it does house a selection of mysterious oddities in its Chamber of Wonders, and since the whole place is packed full of an eclectic blend of treasures from around the world, you never know what you will come across as you wander through its rooms.

Unexpected Museums

The National Museum of Dentistry might not be to everyone's taste, but it is definitely an unexpected way to spend the day, and it might even be the best way to overcome a phobia. A rather less child-friendly museum is the Baltimore Tattoo Museum, which focuses on one of the less conventional aspects of history. The museum displays a huge number of tattoo designs, while also exploring the history of tattooing. The museum even has its own tattoo parlor.
Unique Legacies

Many of Baltimore's former residents have left their mark on the city, and on the world. If you are unfamiliar with Baltimore's history, you may be surprised to learn how many significant cultural and historical figures are associated with the city. Mount Vernon and Bolton Hill are particularly full of places with links to important figures, many of which are marked with blue plaques, monuments and museums. The homes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Woodrow Wilson, and the master of the uncanny, Edgar Allan Poe can all be visited around the city.

An Alternative Taste of America

Baltimore is not just an unusual city in its own right; it has also tended to be an unusual choice for international tourists looking for a taste of America. It has been a popular destination for tourists from the Maryland region for years, but it is only recently that the city has been attracting growing numbers of tourists from across the globe. Baltimore gives international tourists the chance to see a side of America that is often hidden from visitors. It also makes it possible to do more with your budget, by avoiding the excessive costs associated with a stay in the capital, while making it possible to take a trip to see the sights there.  If you do find that you have some extra American currency left over in your budget, then you might want to do as almost of third of tourists do in this situation, according to, and spend it on a few extra treats for your vacation. In Baltimore, the best way to treat yourself is with a taste of the local seafood.

Outside Baltimore

If you get the chance to travel beyond the city itself, you will find some more unusual and unexpected sights in the wider region. The National Vigilance Park near Fort Meade gives you the chance to stroll past a selection of historic aircraft, while the associated National Cryptologic Museum is full of the mysteries of code breaking and espionage..


Thursday September 3, 2015