Welcome to the Hotel Brexton
Baltimore Mount Vernon

Baltimore's Most Unique Hotel 

Baltimore is a city that you might associate with its historic neighborhoods, world famous medical schools, and busy harbor, but there is also an unexpected and often overlooked side to the city. Baltimore is full of unexpected histories and unusual sights, and it is this unique set of attractions that has been bringing growing numbers of tourists into the city. Whether you are coming in for Thanksgiving, the holiday season, a quick business trip or a romantic getaway, we are conveniently located in the heart of Baltimore. 

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in first-class service and accommodations in our boutique hotel. Rich colors and a trendy atmosphere set the tone for a luxurious experience. Our charming and historic hotel offers business and leisure guests the ultimate in comfort and style. We invite you to reacquaint yourself with dedicated service on an intimate scale, recapture the romance of travel and delight in the art of individuality.

"This place is not only a piece of history but employs a very small and exceptional staff. It offers a kind of intimacy that is rare. The amenities, the room and especially the bathroom are incredibly gorgeous and special.  The only way to really appreciate this place is to visit it in 'the flesh.' We were mesmerized by the architecture; especially the spiral staircase. This is not your Motel 6 or even Holiday Inn, but so worth the "specialness" of a historic landmark and great staff who work hard to make your stay so enjoyable."

-Guest Review

Friday May 25, 2018